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Invisn is a growing service provider in the field of Maintenance and repair of Air Conditioner and EOT Cranes. We here are focused on deploying quality service at precised delivery. Continuous effort in developing new strategies or its better to say upgrading the current processes to smoothen the link of service. We believe Change is the only factor which remains constant in this world and adapting to these changes in relationship to technology, human resource, time is our practice. Being purely in to services and Maintenance of units, we have developed a high expertise concern in condition and conclusion of breakdowns and also widely concentrate on preventive factor of the units.

Manipulation of resources is been practiced in many companies to get their profits on higher scale. We at Invisn believe that return on Investment is what that matters for a steady progress of the organization or a good business relationship. We have concentrated on building expertise technical support as being our core strength with specialized labor adequate to troubleshoot problem and get to the solution. Preventive maintenance has been prioritized with all our services and belief in retaining these has become the most important constrain in the process.

About Us

About Invisn

Invisn has a experience in maintenance and repair of units for more than 37 years and we are proud to be a part of a huge engineering family with versatile products from manufacturing, sales to services. We have resources for catering major engineering equipments and have been working had to meet with our quality standards for customer satisfaction. We are a family managed business with different streams of services and products like spares manufacturing, research and development of automated machineries but as a core specialization of ours is of maintenance and services which has a pure legacy of around 10 operational years.

Family managed business is the core strength behind our success as practical experiences is the key to our frequent growth and dependability in the market. We have a team of experienced technical knowledge and also have a constant period with the organization which affects the service quality to get better with all efforts and values.

We have a wide range of resources and have also empowered the practice of variables which could deploy quick problem solutions. The factor which allows us to continue our efforts is also a value to our concern and is what we focus on as an important and continues adaptability terms. Value to effort and time management helps us expand our service satisfaction from our consumers and the consumption of the services is always concentrated to these common constrains and factors.

Our Team

Invisn Team

We have 10 teams in Mumbai & 05 teams in Pune Team consists of 2 members ( 1 Technician & 1 Helper) comprising of Senior Technicians having more than 8 years of experience & the asst. technician having minimum 4 years of experience in this field.

We will be pleased to receive your valued enquiries for above type of job & also like to get registered with you as approved contractor if required. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us

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